Adding value at all levels

As a new vendor or customer joining the JAM family here is what you can expect from us.

  • A large, experienced, professional JAM sales force working exclusively for our clients in both Canada and the United States. Dedicated teams of in-house technical and customer service representatives support our sales force. JAM was largely built on sales expertise and it will continue to be our strongest asset on your behalf.
  • Marketing support to meet your specific needs in the category we are distributing to. Services may include promotion, advertising, trade show management, in house graphic design and printing as well as marketing teams and customer support for each division and product group.
  • Product specialists in each of our thirteen divisions to stay abreast of changes in existing lines and new developments in the industry at large. Our specialists are responsible for legal and compliance issues related to your product group to ensure that all market-specific safety standards are met.
  • The highest levels of quality control, pick and pack order processing and inventory management in the business recognizing the high value and fragile nature of many of the products we distribute.
  • A large, highly experienced in house service and repair department for quick and professional handling of customer warranty issues. We carry full lines of replacement parts in our main distribution center and customer support is further available at selected service centers by qualified technicians.


How it all adds up in your favor

If you are facing a distribution decision in MI, PA, CE or lighting there are many market advantages to going with a market-leading distributor like JAM. But just because we’re big, doesn’t mean you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Our divisional management structure is purposely designed into workable (and personable) working units by division – where everyone knows your name. And your product – inside and out.

And the results?

  • Short and actionable lines of divisional communication for rapid response to changing market conditions.
  • Highly trained sales staff with customer and technical support in your specific market segment.
  • Outstanding geographic distribution coverage from distribution centers in Canada and the USA.
  • Multi-level connectivity from vendors to home consumers and everything in between at the Pro level.
  • Full service in-house capabilities from sales to after sales service and repair.
  • Best of all worlds handling and distribution efficiencies.